Franchise Support and Continuing Education

Lil' Angels provides a strong support system for its franchise owners. When you are in need of advice or help with a problem related to your business, the leadership is just a phone call away.

Before signing on with a Lil’ Angels, a potential franchise owner should know what type of support our company provides. At Lil’ Angels, we encourage you to look carefully at the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), call the office and speak to the Director of Franchise Sales, and talk to a few of our existing franchise owners to hear from them. We are committed to ongoing support to keep you in the loop concerning new trends and ways you can enhance your selling experience.

Our franchise support system is designed to strengthen business success and be there for the franchise owner whenever they need our assistance. Here are some ways Lil’ Angels assures our franchise owner of our commitment to them:

Training Programs and Opening Support – Prior to attending the Lil’ Angels School, you will work with the Chief Manager and Director of Franchise Sales to make sure you are prepared to open your business on your designated starting date. Your first school experience will take place in our five-day long school in Cleveland, Tennessee where our professional imaging lab is located. Lil’ Angels successful franchise owners, qualified trainers, will teach you various styles of photography along with selling, booking events, and business skills.

Field Training and Support – A new Lil’ Angels Franchise Owner will receive two days of in the field training with one of our experienced field trainers in their home location. This training will get you off and running teaching key strategies to help you master the booking technique.
On-the-Job Training and Support – This unique training venue allows the new Angel Owner to work five days with one of our top producing franchise owners in their market. Working with one of our existing franchise owners who are consistent top producers is a wonderful learning experience for the new franchise owner.

Ongoing Training and Support – Every 1.5 years, Lil’ Angels conducts a National Conference for all franchise owners to attend. The cost is minimal to allow everyone to attend. The conference has numerous educational programs designed to help franchise owners grow their business. Periodically, regional meetings are held to allow great input by all franchise owners and lessening travel time and costs.

Online Training and Support – Our franchise owners have the opportunity to enhance their skills and learn new technology through online training made available through Kelby One online training. This highly respected and professional training is made available to owners on a 365/24/7 basis. In addition, Lil’ Angels provides an Intranet featuring all sorts of readily available information such as lists of approved vendors/contacts, sources for forms, topics of interest, and sales/marketing assistance. Also, weekly informational mailings are sent out to franchise owners to help keep everyone in touch with the company and encourage communication amongst us all.

Visitation by our owner – Throughout the year franchise owners may be visited by our owner or general manager at their home location. During this special visit, each franchise owner is urged to share their thoughts, needs, and experience with the company. Through these special encounters, the company can make the needed changes and enhancements to our total effort to increase the value of being a Lil’ Angels Franchise owner.