The term "protected territory" refers, in this case, to a geographically bordered area in which only one Lil' Angels photographer is permitted to shoot. Because Lil' Angels has established territories, our clients are not confused by having more than one representative from the same company, and you are protected from having to compete with another Lil' Angels photographer.

Please check the Territory Maps for each State by clicking on the drop down box provided below. They will show you each protected territory that are already taken and let you see easily what is open and for sale as a new territory.  If the area you want is already shaded-in indicating it is already owned, I urge you to call me to see if the current owner may desire to sell their territory. (We do have occupied territories up for sale so call me for more information.)

Whether a new territory or an existing territory, we pledge to you our desire to do everything we can to provide you the opportunity to be successful and love what you are doing. Reliability, dependability and high quality work are all traits you will find in every Lil’ Angels Franchise Owner. Join us!